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#25 | Development partner to commercialise UK govt. estates heat network project

Urgency: Low


We're really pleased to inform you that we have just issued a Prior Information Notice (PIN) for an exciting heat network opportunity in Westminster. The South Westminster Area Network (SWAN) has been developed to date by the Department and we are now looking to procure a development partner to commercialise the project. We continue to have good engagement Westminster City Council, the houses of parliament, the Victoria Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and many others all of whom are supportive of a low carbon heat network in Westminster.


There is an accompanying questionnaire to the PIN which would be great if you could complete, should the opportunity be of interest to your organisation. We are aiming to hold a supplier day in the w/c 25 March and launching the procurement in early April.

We very much hope you will consider participating.

Contact details

Company: The South Westminster Area Network (SWAN) - Uk Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

Contact: Michael O.Neill https://www.find-tender.service.gov.uk/Notice/005498-2024

Email: Michael.Oneill@energysecurity.gov.uk

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