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Heat Networks have a hugely important role to play in the decarbonisation of our energy system. For example, by 2050, around 20% of the UK’s heat demand will be delivered by heat networks, with many homes and buildings that traditionally relied upon fossil fuels fitted onto low carbon district heating schemes. To realise the full potential of heat networks in the UK and make this positive, low carbon vision for the future a reality, government and industry must work together to ensure the best outcomes for people and planet. The Industry Council represents key stakeholders in the heat networks sector working together to put forward a coherent ask and offer to Government, so that we can work effectively together towards a cleaner, fairer future energy system.

The Heat Networks Industry Council is currently administered by The Association for Decentralised Energy, with support from Council Members. The Heat Network Exchange is a partnership between BEIS and the Industry Council in order to facilitate the sharing of people and parts across the industry

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